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Is your weight related to your wealth? One study shows a strong correlation between people's Body Mass Index (BMI) and their financial net worth. Though some think the idea of an ideal wealth BMI is unlikely, we found the study to be compelling and think achieving a specific BMI may actually result in increased wealth. A certain BMI may maximize a person's energy or increase their attractiveness or require the same type of discipline needed to reduce debt and accumulate wealth. We created a BMI calculator to track the approach to our ideal wealth BMIs.

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BMI can be an inaccurate measure for very tall, very short, or very muscular people. An alternate measure, such as waist size, may be a better measure.

Body Mass (BMI) is a measurement of weight in relationship to height. A normal BMI range is 18 - 24.9, overweight is 25 - 29.9, and obese is 30 or more. A person's financial net worth is the value of their overall assets minus their debts, not their income.

In 2005, Jay Zagorsky published a study showing a compelling relationship between BMI and the overall financial net worth of a person.

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