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Calculated Living is a method of using information to insulate yourself from the hazards of today's new reality where money and power no longer protect a person from bad investments, dangerous foods, and changing landscapes. Only information can empower calculated choices in pursuit of excellent health, wealth and happiness.

Calculated Living means making life choices based on valid information.
It requires an approach to life:
  • Awareness of Priorities;
  • Acceptance of Reality;
  • Respect for Timing; and
  • Recognition of Choices.

Calculated Living is the process of making conscious choices by understanding the potential of each possibility available to one at a given time. The approach helps to overcome our basic human nature of underestimating the risks we take in investing, eating, socializing, exercising, housing and the actions we take each day. The process of calculating differences in choices we have can lead to a direction that may not have been obvious as well as show clearly when no real choices exist at the time.

Calculated living requires a sharp awareness of what is most important to you every day. The world is changing fast and so is each person that lives in it. A top priority today will likely not rank in the top five priorities in a decade and a massive change in the world or to a person may even make yesterday's top priority moot the following day. The key is to be clear on what your priorities are at each moment in time so that opportunities that present themselves can be properly evaluated.

Calculated living requires accepting the truth about ourselves and the world each day. We no longer have the luxury of being able to slowly modify our underlying belief systems about the world and ourselves. Processing the massive amount of information that bombards us daily makes it impossible to develop a belief system that can survive for any extended period of time. Insisting on outdated beliefs or even past "truths" may keep us from seeing the opportunities in new situations. Any calculation is only as accurate as the information being fed into it, so ignoring facts or not facing a new reality will misdirect the effort.

Calculated living requires recognition of the power of timing. An excellent opportunity 5 years ago may be unattainable today and even if attained will likely lead to a different end. Opportunities that may not have been conceived of 5 months ago may change a person's life in every way today. Timing impacts each of us as we move through time and our physical bodies, mental abilities, and desires change. Timing changes the physical earth, humanity, and every aspect of the external world of investment, food, culture, religion, currency, industry, technology and politics.

Calculated living requires the recognition that some choices are not choices. Though we have choices about a great many things in our life, situations created by the actions of others and acts of nature are out of our control. Understanding this at a personal level frees us to focus on the choices we do have in any given situation and at any given time. A choice made, by its nature, removes other opportunities.

Calculated Living is a way of evaluating your options at a particular time in order to align them with your priorities, goals, and needs for the purpose of maximizing your health, wealth and happiness at every time period in your life.

Even with in depth research and careful calculations, substantial risk exists in any choice we make. The key is to make choices based on what you most value at the level of risk that you find most acceptable.

Making choices leads to more choices and the skills for making good choices are richly rewarded in our fast-paced world with so many possibilities.

This site was created to provide information and tools for making informed choices through a life of Calculated Living.


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