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Most food today is neither nutritious nor healthy. The global food manufacturers have created genetically altered seeds, enzymes, hormones, and chemicals that make up the majority of the frozen, prepackaged, and fast foods available to us today. Dealing with the truth about our food and being hyper-conscious about what we eat allowed us to lose weight and regain our health.

For years we have made weight loss and getting into shape our number one priority. We ate fruits, vegetables, low-fat, and "healthy" meals and exercised daily. And yet our weight refused to budge and our health was getting worse, not better. And we were not alone; we watched as our generation of health-conscious baby boomers ballooned in size. Our breakthrough came when we went beyond the news and hype about food and health and researched what our food really was. What we found was that everything we thought we knew about food and healthy eating was not true.

Some of the shocking truths we learned about food are:

Being smart or rich is no longer a guarantee of access to safer or higher quality foods. "Health foods", vegan foods, and raw foods consist of genetically altered grains, fruits and vegetables. Fast foods as well as high end restaurants are serving foods laced with contaminants, herbicides, pesticides, hormones, and chemically synthesized additives grown and manufactured around the world. The result is a global decline in health coupled with a rapid rise in obesity for the rich and poor, farmer and city dweller, vegan and carnivore.

We don't deny that what we learned was depressing and it seems almost hopeless to try and navigate through the barrage of misinformation we are bombarded with by food growers, food manufacturers, fast food corporations, and government organizations. Our reality at this time is that avoiding all genetically engineered foods and addictive foods, like chemically concocted sugars, salt, and flavorings, is impossible. But, by calculating our diets carefully and being hyper-aware of what and where we eat, we are able to maintain healthy weights and healthy bodies.


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