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Visitors return to the Hawaii islands over and over because they feel so much better. Their aches and pains subside after a few days and the feeling of well-being can last for weeks after they return home from their vacation. Is it Hawaii’s warmth during the winter, the sun light, the nutritious produce, fish and beef? Or is it some magical quality of Hawaii that makes residents healthier and visitors feel better?

HawaiiHealth.com provides information about unique aspects of Hawaii that may help answer why people feel better in Hawaii. It may also answer why Hawaii residents have the longest lives, the lowest mortality rates, and the highest happiness ranking in the US. If we can understand what in Hawaii is contributing to better health, then people can get the Hawaii Healthy benefits anywhere where they live.

Our interest in Hawaii Health is personal. We have improved our health substantially since moving to Hawaii Island, but we want more. We have modified our diet to Grass-fed Beef , Tropical Oils, non-GMO vegetables, and low-carbs. We have changed our level of activity, exposed ourselves to Sunlight, added Iodine to our supplements. We have achieved healthy BMIs, but we want Wealthy BMIs . As we research health discoveries we test them out on ourselves to see if they improve our health or if they have no effect. We post our findings on our blog and on this website.

We hope this site helps others find new ways to improve their health and become Hawaii Healthy.

If you are thinking of moving to Hawaii, check out YOUR IDEAL HAWAII MOVE: A Guide for Moving to Hawaii Island. If you are considering buying a condo or house, make sure to read YOUR IDEAL HAWAII HOME: Avoid Disaster when Buying or Building in Hawaii. Both books are available as paperbacks and Kindles.

If you are thinking of visiting Hawaii Island: Your Ideal Hawaii Island Vacation: A Guide for Visiting the Big Island of Hawaii has over 150 places around the island. Each site has directions and photographs so they are easy to find. We included historical background material about the sites.



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